Pearly Penile Papules Treatments

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There is a generally accepted opinion among medical circles that the large numbers of people affected by pearly penile papules are uncircumcised. However, this opinion is still contentious but the fact is that every male is susceptible to the condition whether circumcised or uncircumcised. The condition is characterised by bumps and it can affect people from various regions. The condition affects a diverse age group from 15-45years although it seems to affect males at the onset of puberty. Therefore it is not surprising that pearly penile papules affect a lot of males in their twenties.

pearly penile papules

By estimation half of the males in their twenties are believed to develop the condition at some point during the lifetime. And indeed the bulk numbers of males in the group are the uncircumcised. There are various remedies for the condition but pearly penile papules sometimes go away on its own but such bumps have a high chance of appearing back later on in life.

It is good to note that the condition is not a sexually transmitted infection. Also, the condition is not caused by hygiene or lack of it. One of the causes of the condition is believed to be the blockage of the male reproductive organ after the sebaceous glands (found under the penis) becomes engorged. Subsequently the inflated glands are filled with milk like substance which leads to the formation of white, sebaceous cysts.

The condition is normal and it basically affects any male regardless of race, sexual preferences, and region among other factors. But because of the similarities that are associated with the condition it is good to ensure that the bumps are on the rim and not any other location on the penis. Therefore you should be examined by a medical practitioner.

The good thing is that there are various treatment methods for the condition including natural treatments. The development of the condition is not associated with sexual preferences or race. There is also a lot of confusion especially when it comes to the appearance of the bumps. People tend to confuse them with sexually transmitted diseases because of the bumps. The condition becomes less prevalent as the people age. In addition the condition is not malignant, symptomatic, contagious or infectious. Furthermore pearly penile papules are not perceived to be a health risk in the males that are affected by the condition. However, it is important to take not of the location of the bumps to ensure that it is around the rim. If the bumps appear on some other location then you need to go to a medical specialist for a diagnosis.

One of the reasons why most males affected by pearly penile papules wish to have them removed is because of cosmetic reasons. The fact is that condition is actually harmless to the body. The bumps will make the affected person feel uncomfortable during sex. The suspicion brings a lot of confusion to their sex partners who assume that the symptoms are linked to a sexually transmitted disease and they might refuse to have sex with them.

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